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V.I.R.T.U.E.S. is a lewd Visual Novel & Dating Sim game.

Current version: v16

What we are presenting to you is a harem simulator. You, as a young capable college rich kid, versus 7 gorgeous girls with different backgrounds and personalities. The story is not only about sex, but also about romance and love fantasies. We wish you could immerse yourself in the plots, discover more of the girls by yourself, and enjoy the feeling of developing your harem.

I am proud of my skill in character making, and I have spent enormous time on creating the seven heroines of this game. Each of them has her unique background, characteristics, habits, and the philosophy of love. They are not just some pretty sluts you saw in other places who know nothing but sex.
I wish everyone could find his dream lover or lovers among them.

What can you expect to find in this game: 

  1. Solid graphics quality.
  2. The best level of renders in similar games.
  3. Seven lovely Waifus.
  4. Original anime-style art.
  5. 60 FPS animated scenes.
  6. Game powered by Ren'Py Engine. Characters and scenes made in Playhome Studio.
  7. An amorous main storyline with branching dialog and enormous interesting subplots.
  8. No NTR plot included.
  9. A simple free roaming system with direct hints.
  10. Everything that big tits lovers like to see.

If you like this game, check our Patreon page and become our patron for more posts, previews, news, and extra chapters.

Also, feel free to share your thoughts with us on our Discord.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(681 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Simulation
Tags3D, Dating Sim, Erotic, Ren'Py, Romance, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone
LinksPatreon, Discord


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virtues-v16-android.apk 2 GB

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Can someone tell me what is ultimate harem ending?? Who is in it? Does Rachel story finished in v16?

I guess it has V.I.R.T.U.E.S in the Ultimate ending,this game in name itself is complete harem,all 7 girls would be part of that.

what phone do y'all use

Just a heads up on the Patreon of April 8 the dev said this is a finished product "After 2 years of development, Virtues can finally be considered a complete project. I want to give my most sincere thanks to all my peo" "The moment of introspection: The decisional mistakes we did in VIRTUES" also don't click that it's just what the post intro said. So everyone expecting updates it's not coming. They did start a new game tho but have yet to try it. "Phoenixes"

really? just 16 ver?

Boring though


it says the file is damaged whenever i tried to open the game?


can can need

Where can i get the password for unlocking the backgrounds?



Is this game still being worked on?

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Their recent posts are just about another game "PHOENIXES" that they're also working on, dunno when or if there will be an update.

Perfect game

Is there any "walkthrough" or "guide" for this game ?


Android APK does not install.  Android has a file size limit of 2GB +/- and at some point no longer parses correctly if the size goes past 2GB.  Suggest more compression on the Android.


What do you mean? the apk installed perfectly on my phone. I believe it's not supported to your current phone though


How much space do you have available? Generally, you'll need at least 2-3 times the file size in free space for an apk to download.

If you have at least 6-7 GB available, then it's probably an issue with the device itself. I occasionally have games that install perfectly fine on some devices, and then refuse to install on others.

6-7 GB free space won't work for me. It was 8 GB free space and still not installed neither. But, I figured it out. It should be 10 GB free space available (at least for my old 3 GB ram device). Although the game itself didn't take up all 10 GB space. It's merely just prerequisite ig

Delete a game

(1 edit)

To NoMeme,

I wish to inform you that I have tried every single one of the APK downloads and they do not  want to install saying there was a problem parsing the program. I tried the direct APK download, google drive, and Mega no dice. I then thought maybe it's my tablet so I tried BlueStacks a android emulator for the PC since I do not have an android phone. And even that wouldn't install Virtues and I yet again tried all three of your downloads. So I just thought I would let you know as I do love Virtues and since my laptop is out of order and I don't want to use the my main desktop which is strictly business only I hope you can help. Thank you!


A very well written avn,with almost all existing except for cucks fetishes available,and even some side chapaters for cucks/NTR shit lovers.but only thing is it is a kinetic/sandbox type avn with no choice and to get ending with a Li you need to see their story develop which involves unavoidable fetishes and last but most annoying and bad thing is mc,he is a douchebag,jerk,bastard typically an antagonist from NTR avns type guy,and i felt sad playing as him for girls.


Praying this gets updates, game has SO much potential


Can we get a comment about how you're doing with your next update? Or are you like so many Adult VN devs who only check their patreon payers? I hope you're not.


Would be awesome to see an alternate download option! Drive is over quota and mega isn't working for me at least. Anyway, looks like a good game!

When should we get an update?

This game one of the best game in my life. I so happy this life have time to play this game. Now 20 have not to work for money but future I will support u and sub ur patreon every month I love you Nomeme studio!!!!😍😍

i promiss Nomeme  studio


Mega and Google say too big for quota. Any change you can add another way to download file? Thanks.

Enjoying the game so far. Just some grammatical things that kinda take me out of the flow of it. Particularly near the beginning. Nothing the Patrons wouldn't be able to help with.

Is there a harem ending on this game?


It is a harem simulator.


This is my type of entertainment. A casual renpy dating simulator with a straightforward purpose of building a harem. No heavy plot, no confusing conspiracy, only pure lovemaking. All the characters are attractive and have interesting stories, though one girl lacks more content (please make more Rachel content...). The downside is that some sensitive fetishes (anal, s&m, etc.) are unavoidable, and it'd be great to be given choices to avoid those in the next update.


How are those sensitive fetish lol, those are vanilla

(1 edit)

Do you even know what fetish mean? Fetish means a sexual interest towards a certain body part or thing. There are armpit fetish, thigh fetish, stockings fetish, swimsuit fetish, etc. that are mild and widely accepted, while some fetishes are only appeal to smaller number of people, and sometimes become turn offs towards others e.g. anal, urination, S&M, etc. On the other hand, vanilla is one of the many genres of H media, which means a simple consensual relationship between two people.

(1 edit) (+4)(-1)

While you're not wrong in principle, that is, there are fetishes that are more widely accepted than others, I'd definitely say that anal is much more widely accepted as normal and "vanilla" than fucking (or being sexually attracted to) an armpit for example 😅

I'll give you that watersports certainly isn't for everyone and would say that, for BDSM, only very light BDSM is very widely accepted, but I definitely think that anal sex and light S&M are probably not something most people would have any sort of issues with.

That doesn't mean, of course, that you should be fine with it if you aren't, I just wanted to give my two cents.

(1 edit) (-6)

Putting a dick into a sh*t hole is... damn. No, thanks. It's a turn off. It's hard to believe it's widely accepted.

I guess it's just a matter of preference, and I'm definitely not into anal. I'll just stick to armpit, then. Not that I would go as far as putting a dick into it. I'm just attracted to it and it turns me on.


This is the first time in my life I've ever heard of a person being attracted to arm pits.

(2 edits) (+3)(-1)

Anal is widely accepted, it's even more widely accepted than armpit 


I feel the same. I don't really enjoy any kind of anal play or weird fetishes. So, it's a turn off when I'm forced to sit through it. In fact, it kinda turns me off towards that girl entirely. I can't look at her the same after I'm forced to watch her participate in fetish sex. Thanks for pointing out that they can't be avoided. 

Is there an actual "ending" to this game? I think I've done around 8-9 hours and it seems like all I'm doing is the same daily routines over and over with the occasional red dot event thrown in. I mean the money counter shows that I have a ton of money so I won't need to work for some time and all the girls have 30+ love points. Also does anyone know if the attributes effect the endings you can get if there actually is one?

yes but not done ends when says maxed

each girl has a different level you can get to as well.

it seems to lock up when the "am i in heaven" screen


This game dead?


Its only been 37 days give them some space to breathe men


I just looked at last update log: Aug 19 2021, that's why I asked.

Click on more info to see the latest update day i think they stop updating on the Dev log

the latest version is v.15 for public and v.16 for patrons

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Not a bad game, I guess the only thing that bothered me throughout the game was that....... 


...Theo actually never told the MC what happened in school, that they lost their virginity to each other when he was drunk af in high school and kept telling the MC that a jerk did it in school. At least after their marriage (in the good Theo ending) she should have told him.


The MC seems like a relaxed guy that is not bothered by his girls' past, so I guess he is cool with Thodora not telling him.


Well not spoiling much but there is side chapter of this game where mc past is told and to be honest,Theo never lied mc was and probably is still a jerk,who actually raped her and not like made love to her, every one wants to forget things like that,and the fact that they were both drunk and mc even doesn't remember anything,she forgives him,and due to the reason she doesn't like any male,she accepts even when almost forced by mc.She is a great girl and i felt bad for her,not knowing her past fully but she feels like lost her feelings for some reasons and just accept everything that happens to her.

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I would be totally satisfied with just Elisa and Theodora. But even when I try to pick only tender and romantic options, the main character still puts them in headlocks and ties them up. I'm sure others like that. But it kills the scenes for me. Worse it seems as I spend more time with Elisa that the masochist scenes happen more often. Since she's one of my fav characters this is a shame for me. It really burns when the characters you love have fetishes you hate. 


Where can I get Playhome Studio? 

I ask because I want to Start making my own games and I like how your characters look.

So um when's the next update? Been almost a year

Pretty sure 1 or 2 updates got released this year.

I was looking at the development log, im an idiot

Eh, don't worry about it. For a while I'm pretty sure it said at the top the latest version was V13 when it was actually V15.

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I like the game a lot but I do have one issue. It happens a lot of ero VNs. Sometimes the main character makes decisions and does things that disgust me and I'm stuck having to sit thru the scene. I wish there was at least an option on if I wanted the character to do something or not. For example, even when I try to be tender and kind to Theo and Vera the main character seems to go straight to rough sex and acting predatorial anyway. It's disturbing. 

Isn't there a way to give that option to not do that and just stick to more wholesome tender sex. I don't want to dominate or conquer women. I want to romance them. And with Irene, a scene started where you slap her ass, no warning before hand. I had no way of knowing that would be a scene I HAD to play out. See what I mean? Once it started, it just continues until I make it skip or stop. But there's` no way to say "I don't want to slap her ass". It's` not fair to people who don't like rough `sex. Just s`omething to keep in mind, that'`s all.


Also... if I'm being honest, some of the dialogue seems like that of a rapist. "You came in my room, late at night and showed me porn while wearing lingerie? You're tempting me right". All said while grabbing at the girl as she protests. I'm not into that. I want an option to not do stuff like that. If other people want to do it, fine, but not me. Yet there's no way to prevent the scene.

(1 edit)

I noticed you have eight(?) chances to level up each character's attributes, but are their final attributes fixed or could you choose to distribute the points a certain way?

EDIT: So the number of chances for attribute level-ups depend on the love points available for each character. It seems the attribute distribution is fixed, but please correct me if that's not the case.

What does leveling the traits up do? Change ending or just access new scenes?

(1 edit)

I'm not sure if the attributes directly affect the ending, however new scenes can be unlocked by reaching a certain level on an attribute. E.g. Submissiveness Lv. 2 will grant you access to the basement dungeon with that particular character for a couple BDSM acts. Shamelessness on the other hand unlocks an outdoor sex scene.

Can you ignored them even if you see red dots on them and still advance the plot? I'm not big on a lot of the sub stuff due unless it's tender.

Once an attribute level-up becomes available, the game won't let you gain any more love points for the character until you've completed the task. It's basically a prerequisite to increase their love points cap. You can still interact with them but you'll be notified of the pending action before you can advance with that character.

(1 edit)

yeah... See that's the thing. Some sex acts kinda turn my stomach. The rough sex stuff and the bondage. But they're with the characters I love. There's no avoiding them. I don't want Theo to be made into a sub. I don't wanna tie up Elisa. See what I'm saying? But I do wanna finish the game and get their ending. Or at least the ending of the game. I'd be totally satisfied just letting Theo be on top as long as she didn't insult me the whole time. And I hope Elisa has plenty of scenes without having to be tied up. Each time it was time confess to a girl I picked girlfriend route & not friends with benefits or sex slave. 

I've tried to play this before, but I can never get past the first few hours of gameplay, without being put to sleep by this game. Seriously, there needs to be a few more sexy events early on, to keep some players hooked, doesn't have to be anything major either, even simple wardrobe malfunction scenes or walking into a room without knocking/thinking scenes would be enough, and once the game picks up the pace a bit more that's more than enough. I understand that some games are more of a slow-burn than others, but that doesn't mean you can't do some little things to keep the player-base interested and invested.

It does take forever to build up the scenes to get to the romance. And if I'm being honest `some romances aren't that romantic.

Just asking, so the ending for every character is separated? Like every char get their own ending


i see they're working on a new project, so is this project abandoned or are they working on both...?

v16 was just recently released to the public with just (apparently) one update left to completion of the work so I wouldn't consider this abandoned. At the very least, not yet. The dev did mention s/he's taking a break from this series but that just meant the final update just simply doesn't have an ETA.

One more update but it could take years. Not nice dev, not nice at all!

Very good game i like the graphics also story well writed

really good AVN. also try playing the prequel, really short but has info of what happened to MC's school life.


What is the prequel game?

(1 edit) (-4)

Do people not also like Netori?

the dev said he won't do it in fear of his patreons will run away. I want to buy "Harem Master" but he refused my request of threesome with Vera.


May I ask what's the software you use for the model?

Also I wonder if anyone know a game with similar 3D character model?

(1 edit) (+1)

It uses “PlayHome Studio" which is an add-on for the game “PlayHome," a very niche game made from “Illusion" the same developer of “Koikatu/Koikatsu" and “Honey♥Select."

Thank you so much

Your welcome!

Your welcome!

New update let’s go! Also can’t wait to play your new game, Its looking good so far.

Is v16 gonna be free in the future or nah

Looks like it's there now.

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