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Why can't I click on these two training?

I can't get Lady Minna to trigger at all. What's wrong? Any help, please? 

idk who copied who but this guy looks the same as the protagonist in The Headmaster...just wanted to point that out

10/10 game

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completely expected.
"6. Game powered by Ren'Py Engine. Characters and scenes made in Playhome Studio."
no one copied anyone, they both used the assets available in Playhome Studio (which are shared buy a few of the scene-rendering programs used to make these games quickly and cheaply).
... i mean, no one ever mentions that all these games have pretty much the exact same settings menu too, which comes from RenPy>
if devs had to pay to have custom models made, or made themselves (very time consuming) you'd never see a "public release" (ie:free versions), the cost of paid versions would skyrocket and updates would take 4 or 5 times longer. even the girls are standard models, but they usually have more inbuilt customisation options (boob size, face shape, hair type etc) so its not as noticeable, but these programs generally dont have as many adjustments for the male models.


oh ok thanks for letting me know

don't you realize that already I mean if you play too many games like this you'll notice most game character models look almost identical to each other, they only differ in their personalities and some body features

These are the model names I've seen so far

Honey select, Playhome, Koikatsu, Emotion creators all are owned by illusion

I believe they used Playhome models here

Ask yourself "Am I lonely ?" Yes

then ask yourself " Do I have virtues ?" No

but then ask yourself "Did I download it ?" YES

now you dont need to conscience cuz you got Virtues


I can't download the v12 update on the itch app

beware I paid $50 for side story and never got it "Access to the mini-games about "What if" scenarios that are designed by the $50 patrons. (Note that all those scenarios happen in the parallel worlds"

cause i wanted ntr in a side story. dev is shady

So i just finished the game so far and I love it, but I was wondering when the new version comes out will I have to download the whole 2GB again or will it be smaller? Can I delete the game from my phone or will that make me go from the start in the new version? 

Can I ask where does the home menu music come from cause I need it.

Please make more Irene sex scenes and I would be very happy! :)

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 am yet to play this, but just read the description, and i gotta say, if someone would actually make a game for us "small tits lovers'', or even normal sized, they'd make a killing, its like the most ignored 'fetish' in the genre..
alright, that's my gripe, now lets check out this game, and hope the character personalities are not equally overweight and saggy, quality looks good from screenshots, and i do love a good story like the dev has promised in the description :) 

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true dude. Flat chests don't get as much love as they should. Flat chested girls or femboys are so fucking hot.


i shudder to see these two put together, but yeah, flat chested girls, 'smallish' girls and even 'normal' girls, are fucking hot.. just knowing that their nipples are not going to be touching their knees in 10 years time really does it for me

I know right dude! The short, flat chested girls are just the best kind fr! gets me going more than anything. That and goth girls. mMMMMMMMM fuck dude! 


Flat and medium chests supremacy


they dont even have to be flat (but thats another body-type thats mostly ignored), i'd just love to see some more 'normal'. a handful is perfect imo

If I recall correctly I'm pretty sure the majority of the girls in game Lessons In Love have girls with smaller chest sizes, which makes sense given the setting.

isn't that a 2d VN? i'm really not into cartoons

check out "Being a Dik" then, the variety is huge and the story is S tier


masterpiece simulator harem game... cant wait for the new vers this game


NoMeme is it possible to import my save file from PC to my Phone? If so, how? I cant find the folder for the game.


Will the extra chapters be made available (for payment) on, for example once the main game is completed?


For people that are sensitive to NTR,

This game has some of it, I would say there will be a very mild NTR (specifically Netori) at the beginning of the game since you're basically meeting different girls but just bear with it because as you progress, NTR will gradually be erased as soon you raise HA (Harem Acceptance)


I don't remember any ntr(either type) scenes. do you mind saying what girl(s)/timeframes this happened?


Oh boy there's a whole lot of them

•In a business party, there are three guys approaching Theo and flirts with her but MC interrupted them. The three guys stopped bothering Theo since MC in the beginning is powerful because of his dad. And then they whispered with each other that they will get Theo one day because they heard that MC's dad is gonna be in trouble soon. So MC will lose power then he may no longer be feared by other pursuers of Theo. (NTR cliche, Since MC is no longer feared and he has no power to stop them, he might get threatened/blackmailed to ruin his life if he gets in their way, so he will have no choice but to let Theo get stolen from him.

•Bar manager brought Vera at thr back of the bar and harrased her then he offered big money if Vera starts to work with him then he licked Vera's face. Since Vera desperately needs money, she might agree to work with the guy if MC didn't stop them. (This is a clichéd start to NTR, girl gets harassed/blackmailed so she has no choice but to agree and then she will slowly start to fall in love with the guy who harrased her after a couple of sex.)

•When MC is massaging Theo, there's a guy called Theo on the phone and asked her for a dinner date while moaning, at first she agreed but MC massaged her more so she moans louder then the guy asked Theo is she's alright and then replied Theo replied she's alright and said to the guy that she changed her mind because she's busy tonight. (Seems familiar? Lmao yeah) 

•Elisa and MC's Early relationship (since Elisa's daughter is already engaged with Theo and they kept their relationship secret so MC is basically cheating on Theo.)

•And as I've said basically all the girls at the very beginning of the game since MC is meeting everyone and the girls have no idea about it. And also the fact that MC is already engaged to Theo but he still chooses to meet different girls. (Isn't that already considered as cheating? But just like what I've said the girls will slowly get to know each other as you progress so the cheating will slowly be negated.

There are still a couple more but I forgot them. So anyway these are the NTRs I've found.


I see.

In my eyes I don't particularly see the three guys hitting on Theo, the bar manager forcing himself onto Vera, or Theo turning down the dinner date with the other guy as NTR... yes, they are certainly clichés and can see why someone would view them as turn-offs but not as full blown, story-ruining moments.

As for the other two, Elisa's/MC's relationship and MC seeing all those other girls. I guess I've never viewed these kind of things (I.E. "Harem building") as NTR. Considering I absolutely despise NTR(mainly Netorare, though also Netori at times) I'm not sure if this is my mind pulling a veil over it and saying "Hey, if everyone ends up happy and ok with it, what's the problem?" or I just don't hate "happy" NTR (if such a thing even exists)

to each there own, I guess¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Regardless, thanks for the the reply. Always interesting to view things in a different light 

As a fan and a hater of NTR (Yes I fucking loath NTR but at the same time I also fucking love it idk what's wrong with me)

Yes there are Happy Ending NTRs

For example MC's wife gets pregnant and is very happy thinking that it's his kid but it is actually his old man's kid. But before that MC's father is your company Boss then MC gets promoted suddenly at work without knowing that it is because his wife is letting MC's father fuck her in exchange to the promotion. Because his wife knows that MC will be very happy and she wants him to be happy.

So it is indeed a Happy Ending to the main character.


Not to us.

Hahahaha I'm just messing around I'm fking corrupted I hate myself for this.

Anyway you have a good day/night. I'm just happy that I'm able to talk to someone~ 


so the dev is claiming no ntr but there is actually  alot of it?

And btw do you mind recommending me some games like this? Any genre will do but... no NTR please~

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One I'm interested in right now called "Deviant Anomalies", made by MoolahMilk. It's, unfortunately, still in semi-early development, but a good game nonetheless. And another called "Once In A Lifetime" by Caribdis. That one is completed (though the creator plans on releasing a few more small updates, with extra interactions/scenes) and the story, for me, was very interesting. 

There are more and I'm currently getting into the habit of downloading more "obscure/unknown" ones, but I may have bit off more than I can chew and haven't even started a lot of them

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"some games like this? Any genre" = AVN (Adult Visual Novel)?
not all in the list below have the open world aspect, but if they dont, they excel in other ways :

Once in a Lifetime as mentioned, 
im losing faith in Deviant Anomalies not because it has gone wrong already, i just get the feeling its gonna go downhill, but i might be very wrong if the author sticks to his gameplan, it is open world,
Man of the House is kinda responsible for this whole 'open world AVN' becoming popular - highly recommended fully completed game, 
Leap of Faith has great renders and an almost epic feeling story (its got the whole fuck-a-superstar-celebrity thing going on, plus a very intense 'rescue-girl'),
Mythic Manor is developing well, by the same author as Man of the House but very different by having more Japanese tropes, open world,
Treasure of Nadia long game, great storytelling, excellent vanilla sexiness, (and its prequel Lust Epidemic is almost as good - while being more aimed at the cougar trope) open world, these games have more of a "real game, with AVN aspects" kinda feel to them, it feels like yr playing the game, rather than just reading a story, meaning no disrespect to any standard storytelling AVN game, just saying these games have both,
RIPPLES (quickly becoming the AVN with the best/most unique story with great renders (my use of all-caps is deliberate, the game earned all-caps),
Harem Hotel, a small open world, confined to the hotel, but dont let that put you off, lots happens there, it has a long story so far,
i'll mention Dark Magic for its really long playtime, renders are out of date, and it gets a little iffy with a child at one point - just breastfeeding, nothing sexual or otherwise illegal, but there is a nudity mod floating around - and i know child nudity alone doesnt make it illegal or wrong (its normal in some cultures) but treat it with caution as this is an otherwise sexual game and i felt it was wrong to include it in the game, and there definitely shouldnt have been a nudity mod made for it, i'll definitely warn you away from the childs' nudity mod, but game is otherwise pretty good, yr the only man on earth, and all the chicks appreciate that), open world, dont expect meaningful choices, but its a good story, and again, its looooong,
Tale From The Unending Void, solid sci-fi story, banging green chicks AND your both sisters and cousin and it looks like yr aunt will be getting some in future updates too,
THE HEADMASTER (a masterpiece for making the absurd fairly believable, goddamn that game makes me laugh and fap at the same time) total spankathon, adorable abuse of position, and all round good times, open world
Bad Memories gets a n honourable mention (for its render quality, and the story is becoming quite good),
Apartment 96 (not 69) is off to a good start as an open world AVN,
Life Changing Choices aint too bad although the renders are getting dated even with its new 'remastering',
i havent mentioned Being a Dik yet, as you've prolly heard of it (and if you havent, you dont deserve to), has open world events,
Halfway House has a unique'ish story which is well-told (and even with its very small cast, the characters are quality in all ways), 
i'll highly recommend Love of Magic for its epic storyline, where you get to wield god-like powers to save the world with your harem of 'witches', dont be scared off by the poker aspect if yr not into poker, its got very little to do with the game, and you will never actually play a game of poker in the entire game, its just an analogy for the magic casting, great epic-scale story, open world AVN, i think it is the scale of the story that makes it so great, open world,
Fetish Locator is a solid game with a wide variety of fetishes and ample warnings/options to skip what you dont like,
... and reserving the best for last, for its emotional rollercoaster so compelling that even a sadistic cunt like me had some feels, a game that you can get really immersed in the excellent storytelling, loveable characters, and relax knowing it is a fully completed game from the author of Being a Dik, everyone should play Acting Lessons  as their first AVN, i cant recommend that one enough, but be prepared, it WILL rip your heart out and shove it up your arse, tenderly.

Screenshot from The Headmaster:


Fantastic game. Looking forward to future updates and more content from this guy. If you're on the fence give it a play through.

i cant click the buttons near sleep option in midnight.and i cant to any girl i don't know if theres a bug or i just need to do something(i unlocked things that available but i cant select the button thing)

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Am I stuck with the name Agang? Can I not rename the MC?

EDIT: Please disregard this comment. I am retarded.

Sometimes it just be like that.



This dev love NTR, dont let them lie to you


You killed me - Vera pregnant would have been amazing! Looking forward to more. 

need more Rachel updates

Cool, this is a masterpiece


"Virtues v12a is damaged and can't be opened."
Mac version downloaded from google docs (not mega) is not working.

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Same here, ive tried from both google docs and mega

Stuck in week 23. Apparently the game thinks that I am messing with time and wont let me progress.


I think you can go to your room and choose to sleep manually to progress.
Sorry for the issue, if you still remember what you did that day, please let me know.

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You really did a great job designing and giving Theo such a good characteristic , Tbh she was the only character beside Vera and Uno to make me actually read all her dialogues
Overall an amazing game ,good experience 

Theo best girl

Only problem is that Rachel's lower lip sometimes look like a tongue and i thought she's doing :P the whole time 

Literally made the game un-playable , 1/10
Still waiting on Theo's daughter :( 

Is anyone experiencing a Rollback Error when u try to type down your name?

Can anyone tell when V12 is coming for Android 

is there a discord or walkthrough somewhere lol? im haveing issues finding the BNB menu 

What can you expect to find in this game: 10: Everything that big tits lovers like to see. 


Hi, thanks for making this great game.

Since version 11b, the game tells me that my GPU doesn't work correctly and using software rendering, which is unplayable. Is there any workaround this problem?


From the updates log, they updates seem rather frequent. I like it.

I've been playing this game for awhile but I don't know how to get the very last scene for Theo. The last one I've gotten was with her and Elisa


"all events are easy to trigger in this game" bulshit! your events don't trigger worth a damn. your hints are unhelpful and there is nothing to do! what a waste of a download


what are ya talking 'bout do you not know how to read if a character says she is gonna be at the cafe in the morning she IS gonna be there unless you are too dumb to even follow a step as easy and simple as that and appear at night.


Maybe you should try reading the dialogue rather than focusing on jerking off whilst playing🙃

Did Your Parents Let You Play This?

Are there any ways to run the v11 on Mac? It keeps saying there is an error.

And yes I know, Mac isn't a "real" system


honestly I love this game. but the harem thing kinda put me off. don't get the wrong idea, I normally enjoy harem in +18 game. but the thing is the characters are so lovely. so I hope rather than only giving us players harem route, you (developer) will allow us to choose whether to stick with only 1 girl (true love route) or harem route.

oh, theodora is the best btw.

i second this 


I have playef this game for 4 days. Now i finish the game in version 11a and 11b. I hope you update to next version as possible as you can. Its the best game that never played before. 😚😚😚😚😚😚

i can't run the game since this update

Any discord server ???

Btw i really like your character. Especially irene :')

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Loved the new update!

Is it possible to download the Mac file anywhere other than Mega?  I just got halfway through downloading, then it crashed, then it told me that I was over my free monthly limit and would have to pay them to fail to download files in the future.


check our patreon page, there is a google drive link

Mac file successfully downloaded from Google drive, but " "Virtues" is damaged and can't be opened."


I suggest you google for the solution, it doesn't look like the game's problem.

See if this helps

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