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what happen if my "Virtue Level" goes too low?.

Affects something in the game?.

I'm afraid of getting a Bad Ending if that number reach zero.

There's a bug (for me at least) where the background for the text/ dialogue in the game stays there, even in the map screen. I also think there should be a way to get virtue back if there isn't already. Other than that, great game so far!

It fixed itself after a couple of days. 

What does the revelant event mean when ever you max the girls relshiship and how do you find it?

red badges on the map

can you show me a screenshot?

It's a very good game, it has a fairly interesting storyline and is not boring, and it has great graphics.

I hope you are always healthy and successful, nomeme.

just finished the game!
very very very awesome! I'm seriously excited for the future updates. the art for the guy's dick have improved a lot further into the story. 10/10

v.0.5b (android)

Good story and truly additive. Can't wait to try your new update.

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Here's my honest opinion:

I only just started a few minutes for now, but I can tell that this will be interesting, the girls are undoubtedly amazing, and I don't have a problem with the interface. Overall I'll rate it 8/10 for a preliminary rating. I'm really looking forward to continuing this and for the future chapters.
Oh and if I may add, his dad is awesome, and not to mention there is a lot on humor on this. Definitely gonna be one of my faves

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Can't wait for the next update :). Can it be clarified when the update is?

When 0.6 hits I will donate

i want to talk with aunti again.

Any update news?

new update is coming out in a week


When is the next update coming out

in a week

no response?

maybe the are busy. for this ramadhan

NoMeme i love your game! Unfortunately, I'm still a student and can't really afford to support the game. If i could really just do it, I would. You don't know how your game makes me happy. Looking forward for the next update and keep up the good work. Among the other games I've played, this one was one of the best. More power to you bro! 

P.s sorry if i play your game for free. I'll support you once i graduate and find a job.

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Why not play it on phone? It's not much but it's something. Download the APK, trust me, it's going to be so much fun if it is mobile.

Edit : I was mistaken, it was support the creator not PC or something support tee hee~ we wish you luck hero, keep supporting NoMeme.

Thanks so much for enjoying our game. And don't be sorry for anything, your love means a lot to us

why i can't launch this game on my mac? :'( 

he don't work on mac os Catalina 10.15?

Please fix the replays, theyre always relocked after experience

can you describe this issue more specific?

I've finished the game but so many  scenes are not unlocked in gallery.  I really love this game, I cant find such cute, beautiful girl characters and good scenes af in any other games. Thank you so much ^^


Are you playing on android? If so, then it's a bug of Renpy engine itself because the gallery system is totally controlled by Renpy and we can't really fix it. We are actually trying to solve that issue by abandoning Renpy's gallery system and making a new one of our own, but it's not an easy job and we are still working on it

Hey nice game

i played this game for 3h. and i finish all story :)

i have waiting for the next update :/

Love this game so much. I can't wait for the next update anymore

What kinds of fetishes are there in this game, exactly?

I'm in the prologue and it tells me I should attend class more often.   Does that just mean going to the library?  I've done that numerous times and nothing happens.  And going to campus doesn't advance time.  The game is intriguing,  and very opaque on how to proceed.

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man, there is literally a "go to class" button on the right side of your school panel. How am I able to be more un-opaque on that?

By making it a graphic and not just a click spit.  I totally missed it until now.

... ... ... ...

I came here to ask the same question so it clearly is not in your face, it blends into the location names in the background.

This game is amazing! When are you releasing the next update ?

Bro i wanna ask a question, what will happen if I choose Irene and senning as my girlfriend? i wanted to make others become my  se* partner cause I just want Irene and Senning, and I can't choose between them (LOL). I hope there is no bad thing would happen :)

Irene have option to become girlfriend???.But I remember it only have Vera and Senning option to become girlfriend or s** partner

it was when we doing an anal se* with her, you have option to continue or stop when she begs to stop. If you continue, it will be se* partner route. But if you stop, she will give you BJ and it will come to girlfriend route

nothing bad would happen. It's a harem game as in the subtitle so we won't do shit

that's great! btw, this game is awesome! I really love all the characters cause all of them looks so beautiful and the game have some good visual (not like several games that have some bad visual and makes my eyes hurt when playing them). I can't wait for the next update! and thanks for the answer

Can someone explain for me why I can't intall the game after download it??( I use Android 9 and still have 1,1GB capacity)

guess it's not enough (though it seems to be enough)

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This game is really good.

It just bothered me that some scenes occur out of chronological order.

So i went and looked for the game files on my phone to back up my saves, but for the life of me could not find them. So i went ahead and deleted the app to grab the newest version. Is there any way to get my old save back? or get a save file?

you don't need to delete the old update just install the new update to use the save files

Its already too late for that.


I LOLed at the Stratholme Culler reference.

There are multiple plain white memories in the gallery. How to unlock them if you are already at the end where you are told to wait for an update?


Hi,NoMeme god,i like your game much,especially  Theodora.She is

so hot.So can you share me her mod in HS?I really want it.If ok,you can send it to my email: so much!

Hi dev, there are some kind bug on the chat border issues with the new update. sometimes the chat background will be stuck after an event ( not sure which as it happen randomly) and i cant seem to remove it away from the Map selection. only thing i can do is reload my game.

Really sorry for the issue. Could you please share the screenshots if it happens again, or just let me know which the buggy event is? Thank you!


playing threw itch app, cant download at all

 button is unclicable and i get red alien dialect

how do u know if u reach the end of current update/story? when i pick a girl there`s a notification about "already reach end of storyline" but i still got a new CG/event (the one that irine move to house)

It means you don't need to find her and raise her love in current update anymore, but it's ture that there might be other events which she has a role in that can be triggered by other ways. 

i see, i thought there`s a bug

Thx a lot

How do I download and play this?

I'm just wondering when's the public release date? I'm too broke for Patreon, haha. Been following the development for a while now

i cant download it, i click the link and nothing happen, even using itch app and still i cant install it

I have that problem as well

Am I missing something?  How do I download

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The download button is there? It's working for me. Or if you're not downloading on android, the other download button would redirect to Patreon and there's a OneDrive link. Just click on it and you're ready to go

Nice game I'd definitely support it if I had the money (σ≧▽≦)σ

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